CARS-5 version 5.5 now available!

We are releasing an update to CARS-5. This update, version 5.5, includes the following changes:

  • A new database of national referral resources
  • Extensive changes and updates to the DUI module
  • Corrections to the risk score algorithm

We encourage all CARS-5 users to download and install CARS-5 version 5.5, now available at the CARS Download page. If you completed CARS assessments using the previous version of CARS-5 that you want to save, you will need to restore your data once you install the new version of CARS-5. Restoring your data is simple and straightforward with CARS-5. You can find details on updating CARS-5 and restoring data in Chapter 3 of the CARS User Manual or in our Updating CARS and Restoring Data Quick Guides located in the CARS Help Center.