Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in as an Administrator

[toggle title=”Question: I’m trying to login as an admin on CARS but it won’t accept the username and password that I made on the CARS’ website.”]Response: CARS comes with a pre-set administrator password that is separate from the login information that you used to sign up on the CARS website. The pre-set administrator password can be found in the “Site Registration” section of the User Manual.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Question: I got everything downloaded but it gives me a message, ‘your site is not registered with the CARS Tool.’ I already registered on the website, what do I do?”]Response: Registration on the CARS website is separate from the registration within the CARS software. The website registration allows the CARS Team to keep track of who our users are and helps us notify the CARS community about updates and bug fixes. The site registration within the CARS software tailors the user experience and is for data sharing purposes.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Question: When should I backup my data? And how do I backup my data?”]Response: You must backup your data before you update or reinstall a version of CARS. Additionally, we recommend that you backup you data on a regular basis. For detailed steps on how to backup your data please refer to the Quick Guides and/or chapter 3 of the User Manual.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Question: Why aren’t any referrals showing up on the generated reports?”]Response: Generated reports show referral sites that are matched to a client’s zip code. The default referral database is empty. All users are required to add information about known mental health, substance use, and emergency treatment referrals in their area to the referral database to use this feature. For detailed information about how to add referrals please refer to the Quick Guides and/or chapter 4 of the User Manual.[/toggle]

Installing updates

[accordion] [toggle title=”Question: What do I do if during installation I receive dialogue box from my computer’s virus protection software warning me about installing software from an unknown publisher?”]Response: If during the installation process you receive a dialogue box warning you about installing CARS, click “Yes,” “next,” or “run anyway” button to continue with the installation of CARS.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Question: What do I do if my virus software prevents me from downloading the CARS executable file from the website?”]Response: If you have issues downloading the CARS executable file, please try downloading the Zip file. The Zip file is available as a separate link below the download button for Windows and Mac OS.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Question: Why am I being asked to save an update to CARS in a new directory?”]Response: If you attempt to install a CARS’ update and you get a pop-up dialogue box asking you to install it in a new directory, it is likely that the current version of CARS is still running in the background. Please restart your computer and attempt to install the update again. If you continue to experience issues with updating CARS, please Contact Us so we can help you resolve this issue.[/toggle] [/accordion]