CARS-MH is now available!

What is CARS-MH?

CARS-MH (the Computerized Assessment & Referral System for Mental Health) is a standalone computerized screening system that screens for 17 mental health conditions as well as risk factors for those conditions and provides tailored reports about clients’ symptoms, those conditions, and resources in their geographical location. CARS-MH is available as an interviewer-administered or self-administered tool. And, as always, CARS-MH is free.

How is CARS-MH different from CARS-5?

CARS-MH is a version of CARS that includes only an expanded screener module and can be completed less than an hour. Unlike CARS-5, it is not tailored for DUI populations and can be used to screen for mental health disorders in a wide variety of settings. CARS-MH includes additional questions and report output about treatment, stress, domestic violence, and other life experiences. CARS-MH also includes a 50-state database of mental health resources that populate the CARS-MH output according to clients’ geographical location.

See here for more details about the differences between CARS-MH and CARS-5.

CARS-MH and CARS-5 are different programs and can both be installed on the same computer.

Thank you for using CARS. We are committed to providing free, accessible, accurate mental health assessment, and we appreciate your support.

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