Update to CARS-5 and new Quick Guide now available!

We have made some minor changes to CARS-5 to improve usability and streamline the download and installation process. CARS-5 version 5.2 is now available at the CARS Download page. If you completed CARS assessments using the previous version of CARS-5 that you want to save, you will need to backup your data before updating to version 5.1. (If you do not backup your data before you proceed with the update you will lose any previous assessments.) Backing up your data is simple and straightforward with CARS-5. You can find details on backing up and restoring data in Chapter 3 of the CARS User Manual or in our Updating CARS and Restoring Data Quick Guides.

Another Installation Quick Guide Available!

The CARS Team is happy to announce the release of a new CARS Website vs CARS Quick Guide that provides tips and resources related to website registration and CARS tool registration.