Latest Research: Psychiatric comorbidity among first-time and repeat DUI offenders

The current study compares psychiatric comorbidity among repeat and first-time DUI offenders. First-time and repeat DUI offenders completed the screener module of the Computerized Assessment and Referral System (CARS), adapted from the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI: Kessler & Ustun, 2004), to measure potential psychiatric comorbidity.

Latest Research: Externalizing and self-medicating: Heterogeneity among repeat DUI offenders.

Abstract AIM: Despite significant reductions in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the United States during recent decades, DUI continues to be a major public health threat. The current study investigated the intersection of two domains known to influence DUI: criminal history and psychiatric comorbidity. METHODS: DUI recidivists (N = 743) attending a court-mandated two-week inpatient DUI…