CARS v1.05 Released

The CARS development team spent a lot of time this winter working on security enhancements and improving functionality in CARS. Today, we are proud to release CARS v.1.05 – the latest update to CARS, available at the CARS Download page.

This update includes new password requirements for CARS users. The CARS toolbar will now lock automatically during self-administered screener sessions. We’ve also updated the CARS User Manual and Quick Guides to reflect changes made in CARS version 1.05.

Before updating to the latest version of CARS you will need to do a backup of existing data. For those using CARS v1.04 this is done automatically. For those on earlier versions of CARS, you will need to do this manually. For further instructions see the archived resources page. After installing CARS, you should restore your data using the “Restore Data” function within the CARS Control Center. You can find details on how to restore data in Chapter 3 of the CARS User Manual or in our Quick Guides.

Need help with CARS?

Be sure to visit the Training and Resource section of the website for help getting started with CARS. We’ve recently revised a number of our resources including our comprehensive User Manual and Quick Guides to reflect changes implemented in CARS v1.05.  

If you still have questions, the CARS support team is always available to answer your questions at