CARS v1.04 Released!

We are excited to announce the release of CARS version 1.04, available at the CARS Download page.

This version includes an exciting new feature that will automatically backup your data from the previous version. You will no longer need to manually backup your data before installing a new version of CARS. After installing CARS, you should restore your data using the “Restore Data” function within the CARS Control Center. You can find details on how to restore data in Chapter 3 of the CARS User Manual or in our Quick Guides.

This update also includes a fix to a problem that some users were encountering in the screener on question SC30. We encourage all of our current users to download the latest version of the tool to address this known issue with the screener.

Check out our first training video!

Be sure to visit the training video section of our website. We’ve released our first video walking you through the steps to download, install, and setup CARS on your computer.  We’ll be adding more training videos to our website in the coming weeks.

Need More Help?

The CARS support team is always available to answer your questions at