CARS-5 Is Now Available

CARS-5, the latest version of the Computerized Assessment and Referral System, is now available for download. CARS-5 contains updated screener and module questions to reflect current diagnostic criteria for DSM-5 mental health disorders, as well as numerous other improvements and updates. See here for details about changes introduced in CARS-5. And, as always, CARS-5 is free.

An important note for current CARS users

CARS-5 is not backward compatible with prior versions of CARS. This means that once you update to CARS-5, you will not be able to access earlier versions of CARS or sessions generated prior to the update. If you are using another earlier version of CARS, such as CARS 1.05, you will need to generate all reports you want to save before upgrading to CARS-5. From the Reports tab, you can generate diagnostic reports, raw data reports, question notes, and/or interviewer observations. For information on how to save your data before updating to CARS-5, please refer to our Quick Guides and CARS User Manual that contain information on this process.

An important note for installing CARS-5

Given the current global situation, some of you might be installing CARS-5 on your home networks. Depending on your router settings, it is possible that your home network will block the verification emails CARS-5 sends to validate your email address. As noted in the Frequently Asked Questions in the CARS Help Center, you can use a mobile hotspot during CARS installation if this occurs.

As with any new release, you might encounter errors that we have not identified. If this occurs, please use the Report a Bug tab in the CARS Help Center. Provide as much detail as you can.

Thank you for using CARS. We are committed to providing free, accessible, accurate mental health assessment, and we appreciate your support.

Download CARS-5